Upgrade yourself!

Think about – what you think about!

Focusing more on your ability to stay fleeked & slayed;
Or how much money your Boo is paid;
Fraternizing with the ‘bestie’ that more than once betrayed;
Thank God for your genuine friends you met before & after 1st grade;
You need to recognize the hugs you get comes with a sharp knife blade;
Peep through those jokes that are direct targets of shade;
The going wouldn’t even be tough before your loyal ass they trade;
Social media personas, keeping up with the Joneses and the façade you portrayed;
Trying to blame others for your downgrade;
But its you…because it is the ‘things’ that you allow to persuade;
We all have our due seasons even if yours seem delayed;
To much is given, much is required that is the word HE conveyed;
Use His word as your life’s band-aid;
Change is scary but don’t be afraid;
Rise! And watch the sacrifices come to pass from the sins for you He prepaid;
Seeking & craving approval from people who really doesn’t give a shit about you or your accolade;
Seek first the kingdom of God and watch your life, love, finances and peace upgrade!



  1. Frances

    Awesome writing, thanks I love you and your profound thoughts. Thank Jesus for Tonya Monette Durden

  2. L

    “You need to recognize the hugs you get comes with a sharp knife blade;”…..THAT part

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