My mind is consumed by you. Me & God about to have some conversation, know, that I need to be loved hard.

When the palm of my two hands, hold each other that feels different from when your hands are in mine, that’s just the way it is. And when my voice is screaming out to my own ears, that feels different from when I hear yours.

Cause together we got plenty Superpower…

Dear Lover,

I hope this letter finds you….dear lover, that it comes in time to say no, “C’est la vie” Baby, listen to me darlin’. I was dreamin’ when I wrote this forgive me if it goes astray.

I’ve spent so many nights just taking fights within myself until you came to me and held me like nobody else. Do you love what you feel? Cause I love what you do to me, every time you’re holdin’ me. I’m feeling things I never felt before, now that I have you, and nothing seems to matter anymore, now that I have you.

You asked, may I have this dance? You said, darlin’ I know it’s been a long time since you’ve been satisfied I can tell by the look in your eyes you need it real bad (real bad), you need it so bad, so bad. Baby, maybe if you’re a good girl, I’ll introduce you to my ride. Don’t you wanna come inside? If for any reason there is a loss of cabin pressure, I will automatically drop down to apply more, to activate the flow of excitement, extinguish all clothing materials and pull my body close to yours, place my lips over your mouth, and kiss, kiss normally. In the event there is over excitement, your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device…(we ask that you) please observe the “no letting go” sign, I anticipate a few turbulence along the way.

I, how you say, I wonder you. I wonder you. I, dream of you, for all time

I see you cross the room, talking to some men, I love your mannerisms babe the way you handle them, oh I’m so proud to be with you, so attracted to you too, you’re so damn good to me in everything you do cause I am so in love, so in love with you.

Is this love, is this love, is this love, is this love that I’m feeling? I wanna love you; I wanna love and treat, love and treat you right. I wanna love you every day and every night.

I knew from the very first time I laid eyes on you baby, that you would be right for me.
I knew your heart had been broken many times before, sweet baby, and I had to make my move before love closed the door. Boy I know you’ve been hurt so many times before, yeah,
and it’s so hard to trust again since you’ve been let down, give me the chance baby, I’ve got what you need, hey, I’m what you’re looking for, I’m what you need. Boy, I know you’ve cried so many tears that’s too many tears for one heart. You spend so much time all alone by yourself, I’m what you need I’m what you’re looking for. You thought you found true love, but you were deceived, and when you needed real love they turned you away, you gave your all but your all wasn’t good enough, I’m what you want, baby, I’m what you need. Come on baby, give love a try, You’ve got to learn to trust again, And if you let me, I’ll wipe the tears from your eyes,
Come on baby and give love a try!

How would you feel, if I asked you to spend your whole life with me? Baby, believe in me cause as strong as I am for you from someone would never be. Yeah, it’s real, it’s real, it’s real
I’ve never felt this way before so say you’ll be mine. Together we will open every door
you and me together forever, you and me, just us two. You and me belong together sharing everything that we do. Now you give me and I give you, I do what you want me to baby we can make it right. We’ll be together forever, you and me.

Well, I wonder if you know, you’ve been on mind. It’s true, been dreamin’ of the time when I can be a part of your world, your world. And now that you’re aware could you really care
for me the tenderness I feel my love for you is real. Please stay and when all is said and done
you’ll be my only one…darlin’ give me your hand.

Am I dreaming baby? Are you for real? Things are kind of hazy and my head’s all cloudy inside. Now I’ve heard talk of angels baby but never thought I would have one to call mine.

See you are just too good to be true. And I hope this is not some kind of mirage with you. Am I dreaming? Am I just imagining you’re here in my life? Am I dreaming? Will this last for one night? Or do I have you for a lifetime? Please say that it’s forever and that it’s not an illusion to my eyes. And I, I hope that you just don’t up and disappear. My love, I pray that it’s not a hoax and it’s for real.

Good morning love, and how are you today? Hello my love. Holding you near means more than words can say. I’m patiently waiting for you and I’ll wait as long as it take to give you all my love (I’ll give it to you), that good morning love…I’ll give you all my love oh let’s make love! I always thank the Lord above that he has blessed me with your love.

Just as hate knows love’s the cure you can rest your mind assure that I’ll be loving you always. You made my soul a burning fire you’re getting to be my one desire. You’re getting to be all that matters to me, cause all I do is think about you.

Friends all wonder what’s come over me, I’m as happy as any girl could be…And I’m so glad that it’s me who had to change. I’m sprouting and blooming like the last summer rose…I’m in love.

I can’t let you go tonight but I know the way you feel, I need real love, I will hold you and the promises you’ve made I know we can find the way. When you’re turning your words into action letting your body do all the talking. I wanna know if this is the real thing.

Everything I do is just for you counting every second till we rendezvous and I can’t wait
to give my love to you ’cause, everything I do is just for you.

You’re the best thing in my life I never felt so good when you added a little rhyme. Lucky for me that you came along, just whispering a love song then you captured me. And baby it was harmony. Yes, you’re music to my heart, a sweet melody. You were heaven right from the start. Don’t ever take your love from me. Sweet ecstasy, baby what you do to me. Your magic, I love you much too much to let you go. I need you so, don’t ever let your love die, “you’re gonna be my man.” You’re the best thing in my life. Our love was meant to be. Cause you turn my hopes and dreams into reality. The best thing in my life was the day that I met you.

I guess you know that I, uh, I love you so, even though, you don’t want me no more. You see baby, I, I, I, I’ve been thinking about you, I’ve been wanting to get next to you, baby.
Sometimes I hold my arms and I say, Oh baby, yeah, needing you has proven to me,
to be my greatest dream, yeah. I’m so tired of being alone.

I still really, really love you. Love is stronger than pride. ‘Cause you love me, baby
just the way I want to be loved. I couldn’t love you more if time was running out.
Couldn’t love you more oh right now baby. Take me by the hand come on be my darling, be the one. I wouldn’t want to lay or ever love with another.

I can’t imagine life without you by my side, this is love babe that I’m feeling and I’m hoping that you’re feeling the same way. Lately, have I told you I love you? Lately, have I told you, you still mean the world to me? Lately, have I told you I love you, I’ll be your wishing well, tell me what you want babe. You know that all of my feelings are inside and verbally I tend to forget how much I L-O-V-E U really means.

Been so long….of missin’ you baby! Thoughts and mellow memories of once upon a time, slowly creepin’ on me and they linger on my mind, just let somebody love you, I just don’t know why, whenever I get close to you, you want to run & hide. It’s been so long…of missin’ you baby. We began the lovers’ dance the road was smooth to romance and we sang love sweet song every day, I believe the love would stay in my heart, now it’s torn all apart. Now don’t you understand, I’m in need of comfort, the comfort of your hand in mine and what I feel inside why don’t you come closer, I can’t hide…Been so long, wont you come home, see about me?

Oh now we live in separate worlds, but here inside I’m still your (little) girl. Where is the love that you made me? If I had Aladdin’s lamp here is what I’d do. I’d rub Aladdin’s lamp until Aladdin’s lamp until turned into you. If I had Aladdin’s lamp here is what I’d do, I’d rub that magic lamp until Aladdin’s lamp turned into you. If I had Aladdin’s lamp, here is what I’d do, I’d rub that lamp Aladdin bring him back and wherever you are, this one’s for you baby, oh maybe that will express what I’m going through. I need some magic words while I’m alone. I’m feeling like a saxophone.

Operator, get my baby on the line just the other night we had a horrible fight. I admit that I…I was out of control, oh but I still love my man with my body & soul when the road gets rough you say things you should not say, I never meant to treat my baby that way…I apologize! Oh believe me I do, I apologize, honest & true because I know I was wrong and so I’ll sing you this song cause I’m trying to get through and make it up to you. Operator, it was like a bad dream. I regret it cause I was unfair, I took it all out on him just because he was there. I apologize for I was unkind and I wish that I could go back in time, erase the goodbyes and rewrite my lines, But come rain or come shine, I’m gonna do right this time….I apologize

Loving you, every day, don’t you look no more, love without a limit (my love is yours). Baby, I’m in need of your love and you got that touch that I need so much and I am about to explode. Freely, completely, everything you want I’ll be good love down to the last drop. And, I’m not gonna stop. Loving you, is all I want to do, loving you, is all I want to do. Loving you, said loving you is all that I, all that I want to do baby, baby, baby, hey

I am ready for love, all of the joy & the pain and all the time that it takes just to stay in your good grace. Lately, I’ve been thinking maybe you’re not ready for me, maybe you think I need to learn maturity. They say watch what you ask for cause you might receive, but if you ask me tomorrow, I’ll say the same thing…I am ready for love, would you please lend me your ear? I promise I wont complain, I just need you to acknowledge I am here. If you give me a half a chance I’ll prove this to you, I will be patient, kind, faithful, and true. To a man who loves music, a man who loves art, respect’s the spirit world and thinks with his heart…I am ready for love. I will learn what you teach and do the best that I can. I am ready for love…here with an offering of my voice, my eyes, my soul, my mind….tell me what is enough to prove I am ready for love?

When I’m by myself sometimes a million thoughts run cross my mind. When I try to do without you, all I do is dream about you. And my mind just drifts away right into the ocean of thoughts and dreams. I go by the sea at night, to watch the moon reflect the night, I see your face in every tide, this emptiness I cannot hide, and my mind just drifts away to the day when you were my king…and my mind just drifts away right into the ocean of thoughts & dreams.

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    Wow…I like what u did here….some I knew…some I didn’t.. cliffhanger though….Somebody has been busy ‘in the lab’ as you say when you’re writing & brainstorming. You’re just tapping at the surface kiddo…

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