Weeping may endure…..


I kept you silently and frequently in my thoughts and my prayer;
And as an attempt to champion with you, I even cut my hair;
The complicated test of life our hearts render to be so unfair;
But you my dear, you did not accept defeat nor despair;
You fought tooth and nail yet it didn’t stop you from becoming a face for Unsun™ skincare;



Your dynamic energy was more than an abundance of God’s fresh air;
Let’s not forget the fact how you effortlessly carried your earthly shell with the most infectious smile, ever so rare;

From day 1 you belonged to God and we are thankful that His will He did share;
Even though from human eyes its the most tragic nightmare;
Gone too soon yes but He is perfect and without mistakes anywhere;
Looking at your photo being caught in a paralytic stare;


If only, if only to hear your laugh again because I know easily you did not scare;
I’m sure there may have been moments of fear along your way;
But never not once did your faith stray;
Because as a true believer there are no areas of gray;
And as such, we know you are flying high and flying away;


You knew you were never alone at night or even in the day;
But somehow our hearts are pressed wondering how is it that you could not stay;
Our Heavenly Father loved you so much you’re cancer free now that’s what His message convey;
You’ll be adorned by candlelight and flowers on vast display;

Like days on the calendar and as seasons change;
We will always wish another day with you in exchange;
For 100 sleepless nights and our lives feeling so estrange;

Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal;
We are completely broken and in a perfect place to kneel;
Too often we wont know if we’re coming or going, so Jesus take the wheel;
Thank you Lord, because Darryl & Nicole’s babygirl cancer tried to steal;

The Lord saved her and she is in heaven cancer free yet this is all unreal;
He works in mysterious ways even since His miraculous fish meal;

So yes, He proclaims, weeping may endure for the night and joy comes in the morning,
In the morning means there is a tomorrow;
No matter how deeply ingrained the grief and sorrow;


Beloved, beautiful, loving and infectious smiling Maya,
Daughter, big sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, friend
You have been perfectly etched in our life’s journey….as a privilege, a joy, a lesson, an honor, a test, a testimony, a laugh, a believer, a fighter and now tears of ambivalence for joy and sorrow;
A reason, a season and a lifetime and to us all from God, a phenomenal & priceless borrow!

Rest in perfect peace,
~Maya Tianna Evans~





  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful young lady…Blessings to Maya and her famiily

  2. Pamela Phillips

    A touching tribute for such a beautiful soul. Prayers of comfort to Maya’s family and friends.

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