It is what it is…simple as that!

It is what it truly is…or better yet what you think it is – you make it such! 

Thoughts of you, me and this constant on my mind;
Working longer than 9 to 5, 7 days on this grind;
Still working towards the day my body can truly unwind;
Gonna take for actions, prayers, faith & His will to be aligned;
Love is here, love is there, obviously not blind;
Yet the remnants of evil fully lurking trying to control mankind;
Just watch how the enemy run your mind ragged when your debit card gets declined;
Want you to believe that from your life & purpose God has resigned;
Please recognize when you open your eyes that’s how God remind;
Another day, way & opportunity to live your best with the best, His second chances are clearly defined;
When s/he doesn’t acknowledge you, your calls/efforts/attempts or love, oh baby, the enemy will try to keep your perspective and heart confined;
Even though you know what God promised you and who to you He assigned;
Keep your life’s matters private, most times the enemy use those you vent to, to aid in his attempt as the malicious mastermind;
Then you’re quiet, peaceful, moving silently gestures will keep this tainted, peeping your way as a nosey neighbor through a mini-blind;
When they don’t know how you’re still standing becomes their gossip headline;
Believe it or not they like to know you have tears, a broken heart, an empty wallet because their energy is unkind;
But they call you Sis/Bro, Bestie even Bae as envy is maligned;
They want best for you, just as long as from you they are not behind;
Restricted encouragement, fake support, or indirect coercion the blessed anointing on you will keep them sidelined;
Who needs that sort of energy, compromising now that their peace is refined;
All hidden agendas, malicious motives, sweet tongues & sour hearts prey upon your vulnerability, tears, trials and your life’s promotion…you will be disinclined;
Your passion & purpose like a blazing fire is unfeigned;
Your season of losses, pain, betrayals, and lack is behind you, God’s connection you did find;
Embrace that which is beneath you…His wind!




  1. Frances

    You are truly a Scripal anointed to write for the King ( Jesus) that is. Amen hallelujah

  2. L

    Red, this was a mouth full…your writing has messages between the lines but its written right there so there’s no confusion either…lol

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