I will survive!

It’s okay – 

Trying to resuscitate myself from being sad, withdrawn and depressed

I can’t explain the feeling of having my life under arrest

Yet all you see is that I’m not at my best

Perhaps when I went to mass I should have confessed

I sleep all day and night but I get no rest

One day I’d like to know a day without being so damn stressed

If feels like I should focus on Eric the one I will bequest

Pray and pray more is what you suggest

To you, I’m withdrawn, but it’s my energy I have suppressed

Do you ridicule those who are oppressed

Or avoid the obvious and detest

Have my blessings been repossessed

An extreme battlefield of the mind and heart similar to the wild, wild-west

Malicious banter is more real than one who flew over the cuckoo’s nest

Life’s realities are sometimes too much for one to digest

Feelings of extreme grief and destitution are repeatedly expressed

Can you fathom having your soul and everything else showcased and then molest

It’s not really contagious when those around you, for life have an automatic zest

Some relationships I may have to lay to rest

The irony of having the same b-day as my great-grandmother, Celeste

The facts of all matters have been addressed

Perhaps I’m choking from the tightly worn life-vest

The score never interested me, only the game, in the voice of Mae West

Study hard the instructions of life and you will pass the test

Then again that’s probably null & void when your past you have repressed

God’s grace should keep us all impressed

Just because I feel this way, doesn’t mean I don’t know that I’m blessed

My life is not for your amusement, this I have repeatedly professed

Don’t be surprised one day if Satan or his advocates becomes your unwanted house guests


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