Homeless to Heaven

Luther says, “A chair is still a chair, even when there’s no one sittin’ there; but a chair is not a house and a house is not a home, where there’s no one there to hold you tight, and no one there you can kiss goodnight. A room is still a room even when there’s nothin’ there but gloom. But a room is not a house and a house is not a home, when the two of us are far apart, and one of us has a broken heart”

A child, brokenhearted with no home or stability is not the American way, nor the American dream!


Affirmative action my ass, no equal opportunities for all is a scheme;
What happens to the little boy and the little girl who’s lullabied to sleep by the sounds of their own scream?
All too common, all too familiar the drug-addicted parent(s) and the kids left behind,
President George W, “No Child Left Behind” what about not just the classroom but the home, this too is a preferred theme.
Where is the love that a child needs to flourish and trust he has a support team;
A child with no food, love or shelter has been forsaken with an empty stomach and not a valid daydream;
Where is family during the struggle but yet are quite plentiful when things like your life has taken a fatal trip downstream;
How can you rest at night knowing your own bloodline is traveling pillow to pole;
But would be quick to judge their choices that may lead to their parole:
Dropped out of school to take responsibility of a sibling that has become your sole responsibility this is now your child, a kid trying to gain control;
It wasn’t your situation to undergo the damage control;
You learned too early in life, that there will be many obstacles thrown your way that is out of your control;
Yet, your survival instincts went into overdrive and you played as best you could your role;
Deeply wounded – your life an abyss of toxicity that did not damage your heart and soul;
Made the ranks and landed on a company’s payroll;
Never too proud for a handout;
Your acquired GED outweighed that time you were a dropout;
Time after time woes in life made its strikeout;
Growing up parental direction you did without;
You only wanted a chance, a simple bailout;
No matter what was thrown your way, you smiled throughout;
Through the darkness I hope you felt a shimmer of God’s love without a doubt;
Be it a hug from a friend or a meal from your sister selflessly helping out;
Safe, loving and nurturing homes for all should be mandatory;
Somber, yet worthy it is to be told is your story;
Somehow through all your pain and suffering you kept going and that gave God the glory;
What awesome you manifested because none of that left you broken;
But, now those that remain are beyond heartbroken;
The numbness overwhelming from the city and the violence it release;
Will the killing ever end or at least decrease?
Participant of “Do The Write Thing”, a program of the National Campaign to Stop Violence for youth to examine the impact of violence on their lives, an awesome release;
Can the slave mentality that entraps too many cease?
Are we aware that most times our most trusted & allied friends only have a persuasive mouthpiece?
Resulting in a call for help to the police;
Too late though you now need a coroner and not an ambulance;
Anxiety overcomes yesterday’s focus as a brutal rude awakening circumstance;
If only we knew the day or the hour in advance;
We may make different decisions seeing the future in a glance;
Really wish a bond had a chance;
Our earthly lives are much like a lease;
Here today, out tomorrow like used grease;
The bountiful joy and love that awaits at Heaven’s gates;
Your physical and mental pain escapes;
Well done kid what this life took from you, the Lord will bless you eternally forever more so that you may you now…

Rest in Peace!

Faisal with Wings















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