Bless the mess…

Struggling to fit in causes heart & mental stressing;
Family over everything is what they’re expressing;
A1 from day 1 they confessing;
Tryna look good takes more than your hairdressing;
You just go with the flow you and your yessing;
Talkin’ loud and aint saying shit is all you professing;
By any means necessary you plotting & messing;
A wet ass aint nothing when its your soul he’s caressing;
I can only be ME, my truth comes with flaws and I aint into impressing;
Me being fake would be like cross-dressing;
Not sparing feelings its my #happy you obsessing;
What’s mine is mine and I’ll get it regardless at how you’re assessing;
You’re as seasonal as oyster dressing;
I know I’ve been changed but the BS sometimes channels that uptown girl’s mind and you don’t want that regressing;
Misery loves company and you want my life, pockets & heart depressing;
The Book of Me is closed, carry on with your guessing;
Currently embracing the gift of betrayal I’m possessing;
Don’t be the one transgressing;
And fuck around and block yo’ blessing!!



  1. Eugene Dean

    Keep up the good writing and it won’t be long before you receive your financial blessing. Lol

  2. Mysti Knox

    Omg, this is really good. I love the part about “I can only be me, my truth comes with flaws. I ain’t into impressing.”

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